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Key Resources

CAPR 60-1

CAPR 60-1
Cadet Program Management

The CP's governing regulation and your #1 source for standards   

Summary of Enhancements 
Letter on Future of DDR Program

CAPF 60-83

CAPF 60-83
Squadron Meeting Planner

Optional tool for drafting and coordinating plans
for weekly meetings

CAPR 60-2

CAPR 60-2
Cadet Protection Program

How CAP protects cadets from the risks of abuse, and how to report concerns

Summary of Enhancements

CAPVA 60-100

CAPVA 60-100
Cadet Super Chart

How to rank-up as a cadet, at a glance   
printer-friendly  (2 letter-sized sheets)     
slide-friendly - jpeg
24 x 36  16mb 

Cadet Staff Handbook

CAPP 60-31
Cadet Staff Handbook

Goal setting, staff design, staff selection, position descriptions, training plans, and more for cadets and adults.

Squadron Training Plan

Squadron Training Plans

24 months of ready-built meetings   


Cadet Webinars

Schedule of upcoming webinars and access to recordings of past webinars

Cadet Publication Index

CAPP 60-11 
CP Officers' Handbook & 
Specialty Track Guide

Adult volunteers' #1 training resource. Replaces CAPP 216 effective 1 October 2018   New


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